Shuhari – stages of Mastery

My mom asked me in a FB post, “What was involved in your decision?” (in response to my decision to publish Volume 2.) I replied,”Once I reached 20 years of practice in 2016, I felt a shift in me. Where I felt that I had enough experience to do what I felt was right for the practice regardless of tradition.”

I feel we must first follow and practice tradition to fully understand WHY we have traditions. We can then reap the benefits of these traditions. Now however, at this point in my practice, I need to rely on my own judgment in these matters and see where that takes me. After discussing my inner process with one of my senior Master students, Mihai Albu, he suggested I look up the concept of Shuhari. It is amazing when you experience something for yourself first, then hear that “it is a thing” if you catch my meaning. You can read about Shuhari here:

More about “changes” will be addressed in the next post…stay tuned!