Class Format Changes

Class Format Changes


NOTE: I wrote this article a few weeks ago and just didn’t feel it was the “right” time to post it. Now, of course, other things have changed (some significant personal transformations). Specifically, as it pertains to this article, is my “temporary or permanent retirement” from teaching the First Degree. I myself don’t know if this is temporary or permanent, so I can’t say which it is.


For the past few decades I have used and followed Takata’s format for her Reiki classes. However, there is so much depth of information that could be taught in the First and Second Degree courses and time has been a limiting factor. This has been my struggle: to fit in all the teachings I want to disseminate during the 24 hours of instructions dedicated to these two courses.

Inevitably, this meant that not all the information could be taught in a single First or Second Degree class.[1] While each class always contained the same core elements, I’d let Reiki guide me as to what other selection of material would be dispersed in each class. This worked, as I was guided to teach the knowledge that those particular students needed at that particular time.

I always wished I had more time in classes to teach the students more of what was taught by Takata[2] in Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho. But because each First and Second Degree course was already 12 hours (24 hours total for both classes), simply increasing the hours of training would prevent the courses from being able to fit into most people’s busy schedules.

Students routinely come to my classes from other Reiki lineages to learn Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho. After the classes, these students would tell me how different these classes were from their previous training; a lot more in depth.  Yet, I knew there was even more to teach them. If only I had the time (and the students’ heads weren’t already to the point of being overwhelmed with all the information from the class). I had a dilemma.

Finally, after 20+ years of practicing and teaching experience, it is time for me to make a change. Not a change of the material, that remains strictly grounded in Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho. But a change in the format of my teaching is required for me to be able to teach and disseminate more of the information I have learned from the traditional Takata lineages I have trained in.

As I continue along this path, I am sure I will continue to learn even better ways to teach these classes. Thereby, the format structure and organization of material into different classes may yet have to be changed again at some point. But starting in 2019, I will be using a different format for my classes in Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho in hopes to better serve and train future students and Masters in this system.

With respect and humility,

Robert N. Fueston

p.s. The new class formats will be placed on the website in January 2019.


[1] This is one reason I tell students to come back and sit in on future First and Second Degree classes.

[2] Takata herself had a time issue while teaching. The core elements were always taught, but the other information taught depended on the students present.

Learning from our lineage

Note: There is a relationship between my previous post about Shuhari and this post. I would like to offer some more “depth” regarding the previous post regarding changes to the way I will be teaching Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho.

I find it interesting that each year it seems the lineage, my teachers, and I are staying in communication and more…but not by phone, FaceBook, or Skype.

This communication started during my classes many years ago where sentences would involuntarily come out of my mouth, my ears would hear the words, send the information to my brain, and I would “hear” this for the first time (at the same time the students heard it). I was often amazed at the clarity at which something would be said – much better than I could have said it myself. The frequency of these occurrences started happening more and more – both inside and outside of the classroom. This reminded me of Mrs. Takata’s teaching, “Let Reiki teach you!” Although I admit, when I heard these words of Mrs. Takata, I wasn’t thinking of Reiki teaching me in this particular manner (and Reiki can teach us in many other ways as well).

During the past year or two, especially in classes, I find myself sitting in silence and “listening” for what needs to be done next…sort of like waiting for instructions to come. Sometimes though, I receive lots of instructions or sentences at the same time. At these times, I pause and see which one feels the more urgent. I pick that one and afterwards sense if the other set of instructions or sentences still need to be done or stated (if I can still remember what they were at that point!).

For those skeptics who might think things like this are simply all about having a good imagination…think about this for a moment. Can you get your own brain to rattle off two different sentences at the same time to yourself? Try it. I don’t think it can be done. I don’t think our brains can overlap sentences like that simultaneously. However, our brains have the ability to hear two sentences being spoken at once. This is something other than “imagination” it seems.

For many years now, it seems I am co-teaching and at other times I am just a student in my own classes.

I have learned from my experience that the lineage is alive and teaches through us. These Masters are available and accessible to us (yes, even those that have already transitioned out of their physical bodies). “There is no such thing as death…only transition” Takata’s husband (Saichi) told her.

It is my lineage and my past teachers who are impressing on me now what I should “change”. For example, I have taught Second Degree over twelve hours for many years. However, there is more information and techniques in the Second Degree in my lineage that I would like to share but simply run out of time in these classes. Students already seem to be overwhelmed by the information and possibilities of the practices in Second Degree. Simply adding more classroom hours and throwing even more stuff at them all at once doesn’t seem like a good solution.

Teaching Second Degree in smaller segments appears like the best solution at the moment (so I am told by my lineage). So instead of a 12 hour class over 2 days, I might do an 18 hour class over 3 day with days or weeks in between each parts of the class.

I believe students will be able to learn better this way. This will also give students time to practice and integrate what they have been taught in the previous Second Degree session. But because changing the format of the Second Degree class goes against tradition, I have been very resistant to implementing it. Now it seems the lineage won’t stop bothering me about it until I do.

Now comes the creative part….how to do the scheduling!

“Without the lineage, you have nothing.” – Fran Brown