Always learning

Over the past 20+ years of teaching I have told a few students that I often am fully conscious while I am “asleep”. During some of these times, I have conversations with Reiki Masters – some I know only by name. It wasn’t until last year however, that I heard the term “lucid dreaming” talked about on a radio show.

I didn’t know there was a name for what I had been experiencing. For those of you unfamiliar with lucid dreaming, I offer up a personal experience as an example. One night, I went to bed and fell asleep. In my dream, I was fully aware that I was dreaming. Mrs. Takata’s Master students Virginia Samdahl and Barbara McCullough were both there. I said to them, “My body is asleep right now and it could wake up at any time – so we have a limited amount of time to talk. Before my body wakes up I would like to ask you some questions.” This question and answer session went on for some time. What was a little bothersome was that sometimes they both would both be answering at the same time. During those times it was a struggle to process what they were saying and I would have to ask for clarification or for one of them to repeat what they had said. Luckily, not all my interactions with Reiki Masters in my “dreams” happen this way! Normally during my “nighttime learning”, everyone takes turns talking…just like we do in our normal everyday conversations while we are “awake”.

As I mentioned before, I’ve only told a few students about my lucid dreaming or other personal experiences. This is because for me, they have been just that – personal and I have kept it as such for all these years. However, the inward urging from my teachers has become more like inward shoving – but in a nice-ish sort of way. The importance to open up and share more of my own experiences has been made perfectly clear to me.  And this is what I have to offer just for today…