Circle of Scholars Premier Webinar

As a student of Reiki, you may have heard stories or read information that might vary from what you were taught.
 In this free introductory webinar, five academic scholars who have studied different facets of Reiki, archival information about Reiki, its’ history and practice are coming together to share their research findings with our global community. 

As Reiki students, scholars and practitioners from different traditions, they share a common bond in Reiki. In the coming year, they will be offering a series of webinars on a variety to topics. Come, meet the scholars! Hear them speak of their journey. 

  • Date: February 2, 2019
  • Time: 6 a.m. PST (Portland, OR, USA) To find your time zone, please use World Clock.
  • Language: English
  • Fee: This introductory webinar is our gift to you. 

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As you may have guess, I (Robert N. Fueston) am one of the scholars presenting.