Reiki Study Group

Prerequisites: First Degree (Shoden)

Summary of the class: An in depth study of the system of Reiki from the 1920’s to present day.

You are invited into this group to advance your learning about the Reiki system. It is an advanced class providing in depth training and understanding about the system of Reiki.

Using books and materials from the 1930’s and later (translated from Japanese into English) about the Reiki system as well as books by Master student’s of Usui (also translated from Japanese into English) will give insight into the early teachings in the Reiki system. Students will gain a fuller understanding about the Reiki system by going through the material together and by instructor led group discussions.

Assigned readings are required to be read by the students prior to each group meeting. Students are also expected to make notes about the reading material, including what they found particular interesting in the material, insights they might gleam, and any thoughts or questions they have about the material. These will be utilized during group discussions.

Similarities and differences between the reading assignments and what was presented by Hawayo Takata will also be a point of discussion. In these discussions, the instructor will give his opinions and insights into how the material relates to what Takata taught and how some of it is derived from and connected to traditional Chinese Medicine. Students will come to understand how in depth the Reiki system actually is and also find a deep respect for Takata for the way she passed on this system to a culture very different from the Japanese culture.

Students who complete this class will be very knowledgeable about the practice and treatment methods in the Reiki system.

The Reiki Study Group contains different parts taught independently over the course of a year.

Part 1: Discussion on the book, “Everyone can do Reiki” by Fumio Ogawa.
Part 2: Discussion on the book, “Teno Hiro Ryoji” by Toshihiro Eguchi (one of Usui’s students) and one of Eguchi’s students named Toshitaka Mitsui.
Part 3: Discussion on the book, “Reiki and the Art of Perfect Virtue” by Kaiji Tomita.
Part 4: Available for Third Degree TRPS students only.
Part 5: Discussion on the book, “All of Reiki: Book II” by Harry Kuboi
Part 6: Discussion of the book, “Reiki Transmissions of Light (Vol.1)” by Robert N. Fueston

Meetings are held each week on Mondays from 6 p.m. until 7:15 p.m.

You must register in advanced online so we can inform you which book we are discussing.
Online registration is available below. Members of The Reiki Preservation Society can join this group for free!