It is standard practice for clients to receive a treatment over four consecutive days for maximum benefit. After the initial four day course treatment, the practitioner will suggest the frequency of subsequent treatments. This is normally determined by how the recipient is responding.

Reiki treatments can be done either in person or remotely (absentee treatments).

Absentee Reiki treatments, sometimes referred to as distant Reiki treatments, are just as effective as treatments done in person. Treatments are performed by Robert N. Fueston and are typically scheduled at a time when the client is able to lay down and relax and/or sleep.

In person treatment cost: $90-125 per 75 minute session depending on the practitioner.

Absentee treatment cost: $30 per 30-minute session. It is possible to perform a full body treatment using the absentee treatment method (learned in the Second Degree course) . Absentee Reiki Treatments are normally given between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. It is not necessary for the client to be awake to receive treatment.

Treatments may be scheduled online.