Society Practice Meetings

Society Practice Meetings at The Reiki Preservation Society (Kenkyūkai): Students may attend our multi-weekly group practice meetings to practice the self treatment and energy exercises in the system of Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho. Practicing is essential to the art of Reiki Ryoho.

Students may attend as few or as many meetings as they wish. Attendance is free for Members of The Reiki Preservation Society (join TRPS) or $10 for non-members. While, everyone is welcome, those without prior Reiki training or those with prior Reiki training from a different lineage must first setup a short meeting with Robert N. Fueston prior to attending.

All attendees must abide by The Reiki Preservation Society’s membership practices, protocols, and etiquette. Reiju (Reiki Blessing) is received by students at every meeting to further their spiritual growth and to cleanse/strengthen their energy channels. The student’s Reiki ability increases through regular attendance of these meetings and their personal practices.

Online registration is available below. Members of The Reiki Preservation Society can join this group for free!