The purpose of the low-cost Student Reiki Clinic is to introduce the treatment methods used in Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho to the general public in a relaxed, quiet, friendly environment, and to make treatment available to those who otherwise would not have access to alternative therapies. The treatment is a half-hour, consisting of light touch on specific points of the client’s clothed body. In the clinic, a pair of practitioners will work with each client.

What to Expect

Wear comfortable clothing for your Reiki session. When you first arrive, sign-in, and fill out the in-take form if you have any condition you’d like us to know about.

When you lie down on the table, the practitioners will demonstrate the hand positions if this is your first visit. We’ll play quiet and relaxing music during the sessions. You’ll have a few minutes to get comfortable before the session begins and a few minutes to leave the table when the session is over. You are free to speak softly if you have questions, but we encourage you to relax and close your eyes—its fine if you even fall asleep.

You may or may not feel anything during the session. Reiki is a subtle energy and is effective in either case. With repeated treatment, sensitivity usually increases. The body of the person receiving Reiki determines what is necessary for the welfare of the individual. If the person is well, Reiki enhances that feeling of vitality and well-being. If the person feels stress, Reiki helps to relieve the stress. If the person feels pain, Reiki works to relieve that pain either temporarily or helps to alleviate the cause. While many individuals experience marked improvement with one session, consistent application may be necessary to attain significant improvement. Reiki in no way advises discontinuing conventional medical care. The practitioners do not prescribe medical treatment, diagnose, or offer counseling. All treatments are under the supervision of Robert N. Fueston, professional Reiki Master and teacher.

Scheduling and Cost

The clinic offers half-hour Reiki treatments, scheduled by appointment for a $30 fee. Drop-in appointments may be possible, depending on the availability of practitioners. Clients may schedule sessions as many times as they wish, and there is no pressure to see a practitioner outside of the clinic.

Currently there are no Student Reiki Clinics scheduled at this time. Check back later.