Why the Third Degree?

Have you completed the First and Second Degree courses, and feel deeply moved by, and excited about, Reiki? Are you interested in learning how to teach Reiki to others? Do you want to be in a focused environment with like-minded students who are equally passionate about this practice?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then the Third Degree is for you. Here, you’ll delve into the deepest parts of the practice, and gain the qualifications to teach Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho and become a member of The Reiki Preservation Society.

Expect a powerful, moving experience that leaves you inspired, energized, and fully prepared for the challenges and joys of becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher.

The Journey to Becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher

During the different stages of your training, you will be initiated into the many secrets of traditional Shinpiden.

Reflecting on the time it takes to train an initiate into Shinpiden, as well as the required tuition, one will notice the difference between what and how The Reiki Preservation Society teaches students in the Third Degree (Shinpiden) in comparison to most other schools and teachers. Patience is required of the student being trained due to the greater volume of teachings in this traditional Shinpiden training environment.

By committing yourself to these courses, you enter a higher level of the Reiki practice, and embark upon an exciting part of the Reiki journey. The latter Teacher courses in Shinpiden prepare you to teach the different levels of Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho.

The word “Shinpiden” means “Mystery Teachings.” And that’s exactly what the Third Degree is about – transferring the mysteries of Reiki to you. It is a challenging, immersive experience.

Most importantly, when you start the Third Degree training, you begin entering into a lifelong practice that will shape you and your path for years into the future.

Yes, I Want to Enroll

Wondering What to Expect from these Courses?

Each aspect of the Third Degree brings you deeper into the Reiki practice. Starting with the very first Shinpiden course, you’ll emerge with a more intimate understanding of the art, with high-level techniques, and with tangible skills. The latter Teacher training courses will help you effectively pass these teachings on to your future students.

Note: We also offer Reiki Master Update Training for Existing Reiki Masters coming from other lineages. These are listed with the Shinpiden class listings found at the bottom of this page. 

Let’s take a closer look at the distinct stages:

Introduction to Shinpiden: Reiju Seminar with Advanced Training in Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho

Prerequisites: First Degree (Shoden), Second Degree (Okuden), or Foundations: First and Second Degree Review Course

This class contains the non-teaching components of Shinpiden. It is for students, who may not be interested in teaching, to gain advanced knowledge and learn advanced techniques in Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho.

In this course, students will learn:

    • An overview of the Third Degree Training Courses: so you are prepared moving forward 
    • Aspects of the “Master symbol” and its meaning.
    • How to perform Reiju (Reiki Blessing): This will allow the student to assist the teachers in performing Reiju on existing students during Reiki Shares or at Society meetings. Students should be aware that this form of Reiju is not initiatory. Students will not be able to initiate anyone else into any degree of the system of Reiki.

    Note: Students will be strengthening their energetic channels the more they perform Reiju on themselves or others. This is a great way for students to deepen their own practice and raise their own energy level. This is beneficial for any student. It would also prepare those students who may decide to go onto teacher level training.

    • A communication method: for contacting those in our lineage (or others who have already transitioned).
    • An “Instant Healing Technique”: as passed down by a Takata Master student.
    • A special hand position: that will bring the spirit into a state of harmony.
    • Meditation techniques: utilizing the symbols as passed down in a few of Mrs. Takata’s Master student’s lineages.
    • Advanced teachings: regarding the energetic system as well as the symbols.
    • An advanced version of the Mental Treatment: that can be used on yourself or others.

    Students will receive a special initiation which allows them to perform the simple Reiju process initiation. Note: This special initiation received is not identical to the First Degree Master initiation given to Shihan-kaku (First Degree Teacher) students.

    First Degree Teacher Training Course: Shihan-kaku

    Prerequisites: Introduction to Shinpiden course

    In this course, students will learn how to teach the First Degree (Shoden) course and receive:

    • A thorough history of Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho: and the reasons of its importance in student training 
    • A deeper appreciations of the 5 Reiki Principles: in relation to the practice and to yourself 
    • Instruction on how to perform the traditional four First Degree initiations: with plenty of practice time 
    • The deeper knowledge of why each part of the initiation is performed: its purpose and its function 
    • A greater understanding and experiencing of the lineage: so you know what the art is growing from 
    • And much more…

    After successful completion of the course and examinations, you will be initiated as a First Degree Teacher (Shihan-kaku) and able to teach the First Degree (Shoden) course in Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho.

    This course is offered in either a monthly apprenticeship format or an intensive 3-day training format.

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    Second Degree Teacher Training Course: Shihan 

    Prerequisite: First Degree Teacher: Shihan-kaku

    After successful completion of the course and examinations, you will be initiated as a Second Degree Teacher (Shihan) and able to teach the Second Degree (Okuden) course in Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho.

    Shihan training is usually offered in an intensive, two-day training format.

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    Third Degree Teacher Training Course: Dai-shihan

    Prerequisite: Second Degree Teacher: Shihan

    This course prepares you to train and initiate other Reiki Masters. After successful completion of the course and examinations, you will be initiated as a Third Degree Teacher (Dai-shihan) and able to teach all the Third Degree (Shinpiden) courses in Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho.

    Dai-shihan training is normally offered in a four to five day intensive training format.

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    About Your Reiki Master: Robert N. Fueston

    Internationally respected Reiki Master/Teacher Robert N. Fueston has been practicing and teaching the system of Reiki for over 24 years, and has written multiple books on the traditional system of Reiki. He is the founder of the Reiki Preservation Society, member of the Takata Sensei Archive’s team, and a former member and archivist for The Reiki Alliance.

    Choose Your Course Dates Today – Class Size Is Limited To Three Students.

    This is to provide each student with personalized attention and to facilitate the best learning environment

    Congratulations on this important step forward, and on moving into a new stage of your Reiki Journey.

    Please Note: The word “Reiki” refers to the “Cosmic Energy”. The specific system taught at The Reiki Preservation Society is called Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho.