Musing on accepting Master students

For me, the question of which students to initiate and train in the advanced degrees is a major life decision. There are so many factors I consider when contemplating passing on the inner teaching of the lineage.

But today, a thought popped into my head. Maybe selecting students should boil down to the question, “Would I train this person for free?” If yes, then proceed (of course the training fee would remain as I view it as an important part of our system and practice). If not, then no. After years of contemplating this very question, can it really be this simple?

All Reiki masters are at liberty to set their own standards as to whom they train and how they go about doing it. Because I typically spend years with my Master students (both virtually and with in-person training sessions), this is a huge commitment for both myself and the student and not something taken lightly.

As my practice continues to transform me, my idea of who (and how) to train others shifts as well.

I would love to hear your own thoughts and processes regarding this topic.

One thought on “Musing on accepting Master students

  1. Gabor says:

    I absolutely agree, that training advanced, master level degree students is a responsibility. In my opinion clear standards, expectations can help to put it in a pure process. Example how much much treatment practice is required and what skills are required and so on… In this way the mastership process is more clean and the student knows what he/she need complete, what skills and other things needs to be improved. In this way his/her reiki teacher can guide, and show positive examples until he/she reaches that advanced, master level. Based on my experience the repeating of each reiki level is also very benefical for learning from different reiki teachers too. Because hearing the same thing from different people means different and more experiences.

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