Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho

Traditional Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho

The Reiki Preservation Society adheres to the teachings of Hawayo Takata as passed down to her 22 Master students in its Reiki classes.
If you are interested in learning the system of Reiki, you should be aware that there are many styles of the system being taught today. It is advisable to interview the Reiki Master/Teacher before signing up for the class to ask which Reiki system or style they teach. Each style of Reiki has a distinct Reiki lineage that the teacher should be able to provide. Each style of Reiki has different teachings that accompany it. It is usually easy to distinguish between a traditional Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho class and a “Western” Style Reiki class using the following information. This is not a comprehensive list of what is taught in both systems but is given here as a general guideline.

Note: If the teacher states s/he is teaching the “Usui style” be sure to ask them specific questions like those found below. The founder of the Reiki system was a man named Mikao Usui, so all styles originated from his system. Usually the response “Usui Style” means the teacher does not know what style of Reiki s/he is teaching and upon inquiring further the teacher is usually found to be teaching one of the many “Western” styles Reiki.


Traditional Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho
Teachings from a 3rd Generation Reiki Master/Teacher
Modern or Western Style Reiki systems
Teachings from 5th or later Generations of Reiki Masters/Teachers
3 degrees in the Reiki system. 3 degrees to a dozen or more.
4 Symbols taught. 3 symbols are taught in second degree, and 1 “symbol” is taught in third degree. Some systems include hundreds of symbols.
4 initiations for First degree. 1 initiation or more for first degree.
First degree taught over 2-4 days. First degree taught in 1 day or less
Sometimes combined in the same day with the second degree.
1 initiation for Second degree. 1 initiation or more for second degree.
Second degree taught over 1-2 days. Second degree taught in 1 day or less.
Sometimes combined in the same day with the first degree.
1-2* initiations for Third degree. (This one initiation has two parts and  can be given separately in these two parts at two different times or both parts could be done together all at once. Therefore, the Third Degree can be thought of as having either one or two initiations. When divided, it distinguishes Shihan-kakus and Shihans who have the ability to initiate others into the First and Second Degrees respectively from the Dai-Shihans who have the ability to also initiate into the Third Degree.) 1 initiation or more for third degree or higher.
Third degree is taught over a 1-2 year period or in a shorter intensive format. Third degree taught in 1 -2 days.
Sometimes divided into a “3a” and “3b” class. Sometimes combined in the same day or over the weekend with the first and second degree.
Plenty of class room time to practice treatments. Little or no time spent on practicing.
Reiki Lineage clearly given. Lineage may not be given or known.
The 5 Reiki Precepts Hui Yin
Nerve Stroke (also called the Reiki finish) Microcosmic Orbit
12 Standard hand positions for a full body treatment. Teachings about Reiki Guides.
Specific hand placements for specific illness and disorders. Psychic Surgery
Channeled information
Kanji Hand Positions
Healing Attunements
Teachings about Crystals
Teachings about Chakras
Teachings about Colors