Reiki is a system. There [is] no superstition, but is true facts.”
– Hawayo Takata

Reiki (ray – key) is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Life Force Energy” or “Cosmic Energy”.

Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho is the name of the traditional system of applying this Cosmic Energy (Reiki) through light touch for the purposes of improving one’s Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Benefits of using Reiki

Assists in resolving physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual problems/issues

Provides a peaceful state of mind

Promotes a sense of well being

Can resolve physical illnesses by removing the cause of the disease

Safe to use in conjunction with any other modality

Can decrease anxiety, stress, and pain

Many more benefits come with using Reiki…

Who can learn Reiki?

Anyone can learn to use Reiki after receiving instruction and initiation from a qualified Reiki Master/Teacher. Reiki is not a religion or a cult. One does not even have to believe in Reiki in order for it to work.

So how does Reiki work?

To express my understanding of how Reiki works let me use an analogy. Picture this, you have a glass of dirty water and a magical pitcher that is full of pure water. The pitcher is magical because no matter how much water you pour out of it, it always remains full. In this analogy, you are the dirty glass of water and the Reiki energy is the pure water in the magical pitcher. By using Reiki you are slowly pouring the pure water into yourself (the dirty glass of water) and as you continue to do this, you become more and more clear as the dirt inside the glass of water is carried out and over the top of the glass; eventually leaving the water in the glass as pure as the water in the pitcher. When this is accomplished, we have perfect health. We all have “dirt” in ourselves, be it bad habits, illnesses, addictions, impatience, laziness, etc. Reiki helps clear this dirt out of us and leaves us feeling truely remarkable. Anyone who has received a Reiki treatment will probably attest to this statement. And for those who have not experienced a Reiki treatment, I encourage you to find out for yourself what a Reiki session feels like. The uses of and benefits from using Reiki are limitless.